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Jim Brady, former HAWKER, who now resides in Key West, felt that the history of HAWK in Key West should be represented as part of the military decor in the local VFW post,

which is mainly dominated by the Navy.So he asked permission to used photos from this site, and made the framed tribute to us, on the wall.


Jim is the owner of a small brewery in Key West. If you are there, go by the Bone Island Brewing Company, and say

hello to a fellow HAWKER!





Read the article published in the Vietnam Veterans of America's magazine (click on the cover)






Did you serve in Korea? The Korea Defense Service Medal was approved in 2002, and now being awarded for qualifying service on or after July 28, 1954. If you served with HAWK in Korea you are due this medal. Be sure to apply for yours, you earned it!









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The good news is this website is very popular. We get lots of hits daily and nice remarks from everyone. The bad news is with so much traffic and lots of bandwith usage, we are going over what we are paying for. So to keep it up, and available for everyone, I need to increase our bandwith and other stuff - which you can imagine - comes at a cost. I have been paying for it all these years. I would gladly accept donations if you want to help. Contact me at for information on how you can make donations.
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HAWK Missile Veterans Association Message Forum, feel free to join in the discussions going on.
The forum was shut down because of robot spam had taken over. Our gratatude to CURTIS WALTERS
who paid for 2 years of upgrades, that will elimnate the spam posts. We had a limit of posts, so the spam
pushed off all the old ones, and they can't be retrieved. So enjoy the new and improved forum.

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Charlie Battery, 6th Battalion (HAWK), 65th Artillery (ADA)
Key West -1969 to 1970
Delta Battery, 7th Battalion (HAWK), 2nd Artillery, 38th Artillery Brigade (ADA)
Kwachon, Korea - 1970 -1971
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